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A visit to Giracha Bicycle & Coffee in Osaka

Last Sunday I hooked up with KCDC to head off to Osaka for the Cycle Letters event that was taking place there. Having a bit of time on our hands, and in dire need of some strong caffeine, we decided to head on over to Giracha Bicycle & Coffee for some coffee and visual intake of pure cycle porn. Giracha (aka Tracksupermarket) is where I bought my Nagasawa from when I first arrived in Japan, and is definitely one of my favorite shops here. Store managers Sayaka and Rene are very friendly and always a pleasure to visit. Their shop is beyond words…it is simply amazing!  If you have the chance to visit Osaka then this shop is a must see. The amount and caliber of fixed gear and track bikes in stock there is mind blowing.  We were very fortunate this time to have Sayaka-san show us the upstairs showroom which is full of track bikes, vintage bikes, parts and everything in between. Let’s just say I had all I could just to keep from pulling out my wallet!  

Beautiful hand painted Kalavink…

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