2015 Kansai Cyclocross at "Biwako Miami Land"

I have been seeing a lot of #crossiscoming in my Instagram feeds recently…and now it finally has come true. This last weekend was the season opener for Kansai Cyclocross. It was held at Miami Land beach which is located along Lake Biwa in Shiga Prefecture. The event for me was a bit different then past races as this time I went not only to watch and take photos, but also to participate. It was definitely much more challenging then I expected, but it was also a TON of fun!  After having been bitten by the cross bug I can definitely say this won’t be my CX last race. #crossrules

The view from our early morning course walk

 Cachalot was there with their beautiful handmade cycling caps

Yu Takenouchi's Carbon / Cro-mo Toyo Frame road bike

One word.... Awesome

DJ / MC Project Galapa

Ready to start

The Corner team jersey's are as cool as their handmade frames!

I'm ready to do this! (photo by Toshio-san)

(photo by @anyoneforsushi)

The one time I actually made it all the way through the soft part of the sand (photo by @anyoneforsushi)

(photo by @anyoneforsushi)

(photo by @anyoneforsushi)

Unfortunately Toshio-san could ride due to his injury. Get well soon so we can race together!

C1 group getting ready to start

 Japan National Cyclocross Champion Ayako Toyooka

Cheers to Micheal, KC/DC,Toshio-san for the photos and support,and congratulations
to Yousuke-san on riding a great race! Let's do this again!


  1. Man that Sunnyside cap is awesome!

    And the little reflector charm.


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