Kansai Cyclocross Season Opener in Rinku town

Cross is here! Somehow the cross season seems to have sneaked up out of nowhere this year. It could be the fact that I have been extremely busy at work and haven’t had much time to think about it, but I think the real reason has been the warm summer like weather we have had up until now. It just hasn't felt like autumn recently. Regardless, cross is definitely here as the season opener kicked off this past Sunday in Rinku town outside of Osaka. I didn’t sign up for the event this time, so I just packed up my camera and hooked up with the Nara crew (Chimon family and Kinkicycle) to bum a ride down to the event.  Either way, the event is always fun as there is plenty of action…nice people…and of course cool bikes to be seen. Looking forward to the rest of the season!

Canyon lust

Nakagawa's are always cool...

One very rad Kualis CX bike

Chiyo and Monika found a friend

Super sweet chromed out Kualis

Coffee stand strategically located at the entrance...smart move

I needed coffee, but that homemade Ginger tea was really tempting!

We arrived late and missed the first two races, but still plenty more action to watch

Kinkicycle be shootin...

Kahori-san was there taking photos as well

Dirt wall attack

So near yet so far...

Andy Clark ready to fly over the barriers

Street Viper killin' it up the dirt wall

Turned..but straight. Unfortunate day for Dave Hama...I hope you have better luck next race!

Points for cool jersey


Band of CX Brothers

Kyoto X Nara / cool dudes talkin cool bikes n "stuff"

Always great to see Andy and Toshio-san (hope Toshio-san's leg gets better soon!)

A special thanks to Chimon Family for the ride! Fun times!


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