A visit to Giracha Bicycle & Coffee in Osaka

Last Sunday I hooked up with KCDC to head off to Osaka for the Cycle Letters event that was taking place there. Having a bit of time on our hands, and in dire need of some strong caffeine, we decided to head on over to Giracha Bicycle & Coffee for some coffee and visual intake of pure cycle porn. Giracha (aka Tracksupermarket) is where I bought my Nagasawa from when I first arrived in Japan, and is definitely one of my favorite shops here. Store managers Sayaka and Rene are very friendly and always a pleasure to visit. Their shop is beyond words…it is simply amazing!  If you have the chance to visit Osaka then this shop is a must see. The amount and caliber of fixed gear and track bikes in stock there is mind blowing.  We were very fortunate this time to have Sayaka-san show us the upstairs showroom which is full of track bikes, vintage bikes, parts and everything in between. Let’s just say I had all I could just to keep from pulling out my wallet!  

Beautiful hand painted Kalavinka

Nagasawa Overload

 Hideaki-san hard at work in the workshop

Rene's  Nagasawa commuter

The upstairs showroom

Uber cool Samson Challenger

 Gira Gira Nagasawa

Stem porn

 that Tiemeyer though..

Vintage 1930's Hetchins

Lights off...wait! just one more look!


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