The Naramachi Brewery / Craft Beer in Nara

Craft Beer is still not something you see often here in Japan, especially in Nara where local sake is king. As a result, I was surprised when local legend KCDC showed me a new Microbrewery that had recently opened here in Nara. The place is located deep within the Naramachi district of Nara, hence the name “Naramachi” Brewery.  At first glance the establishment looks a bit like a stylish little clothing store or café… but a peek into the window reveals the metal tanks behind glass, a clear giveaway of what’s inside. 

The menu is straight forward and simple, 5 types of beer along with a small assortment of food and a few non-alcoholic beverages. The beers offered are a Stout, Weissbier, Brown Ale, Session Ale and a Pale Ale. All of the beers offered are brewed on site, and from the ones I have tasted so far, very good.  If you are looking for a small quiet place off the beaten path to enjoy a fresh pint …this is it. 

Naramachi Brewery


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