Summer Vacation / Part 2

Fortunately, the next few days brought along with it much better weather. As a result I decided to take a ride along one of my favorite roads, Route 17. This road runs along the coastline of Suruga Bay in Shizuoka Prefecture. It is well know for its spectacular views of Mt.Fuji on a clear day.  Unfortunately, "Fuji-san" is usually covered in clouds this time of year, but regardless, the views are still amazing.  For anyone traveling in this area I highly recommend a ride (by any means) along the coastline of Izu. 

Cycling route along the Izu coastline

View of Awa Island from Uchiura Bay

Oceanside seating

 Riding up from Cape Osezaki to Heda

View of Cape Osezaki

Oceanside bike path next to Senbonhama park in Numazu City

 Shopping arcade in central Numazu City

Guardian dog spotted in Numazu City

 Backstreet in Mishima City

Water fountain figure in Mishima City

After riding it was time to head over to the Summer Festival in Mishima City, Shizuoka.  The festival is held annually and is centered around numerous events that are held at Mishima Taisha Shrine.  With roughly 500,000 people in attendance, the event is quite large and always a lot of fun.


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