FiN Mudman

It’s official, I finally bought a cyclocross bike.  I had spent the last two years patiently pondering what to get when one day I saw a few pics of the Starfuckers steel Era “MUDMAN” on the Above Bike store website. That pretty much sealed the deal for me. After learning that Bicycle Studio Movement could order them, I made a trip to inner Osaka after work and placed my order. The friendly and helpful staff at Movement also helped me with ordering the custom paint job from Swamp Things. Needless to say I was very anxious to get the frame, and was happy to learn it would only take one month to arrive.

Once the frame did come the build time fun began. I was fortunate to have some spare parts as well as great friends who were willing to lend to me some of their parts as well as expertise to get things up and running. Since it's been finished I haven't been able to stop riding it.  I can't wait until the Kansai Cyclocross season!

A big thanks to the following;

KCDC (for the build, parts and beer)
Pete (or should I say PAUL?..hehe)
Above Bike Store(Starfuckers)


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