Nigatsu-do Hall of Todai-ji, Nara

Of all the numerous historical sights and treasures around Nara, my favorite place overall is a place called Nigatsu-do. It is located directly east of Tōdai-ji, on the hillside of Mt. Wakakusa. 

Nigatsu-do was founded in 752 by a monk named Sanetada.  The main hall or temple structure was destroyed by fire and then rebuilt between 1667-1669. It is most well know for holding a sacred and ancient water-drawing festival (with lots of fire) called Omizutori

Other than the great architecture, one of the reasons I visit here on a weekly basis is simply because the view of Nara from the wooden deck is amazing, especially during sunset. Another plus is the fact that there is no entrance fee. It is free to walk around the grounds. (entrance inside the building though is not allowed)

 Outside the main hall

During one of my many rides around Nigatsu-do

 The steps up to the main hall

 Sunset from the main hall

Hanami at Nigatsu-do


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