2015 Kansai Cyclocross / Round 6

Last weekend was 6th event this year for the annual Kansai Cyclocross series. It was held at Fureai Sports Park in Shiga, which means I had to become “unfixed” from Nara for a day and take the little over 2 hour trip north, towards Lake Biwa. Since I didn’t have a ride there and I was registered to ride, I opted to take a late train the night before (#rinkostyle) and sleep at the closest guesthouse I could find. That would turn out to be a pleasant surprise as I was the only person staying at the guesthouse!  If you are ever in Hikone and want an affordable place to stay, check out Guesthouse Muga.

¥2800 yen and 6 hours later and it was time to take the early morning express, ride 10km and enter what would be my second cyclocross race (as a rider). Originally anticipating a rainy day, I and just about everyone I talked to were surprised to see how warm (hot actually) of a day it would turn out to be. The warmth was not only in the weather, but in the people I met there as well. I was introduced to so many new faces, some of whom I had only contacted with through social media previously. Needless to say a lot of pleasant surprises!  The best part of the day of course was the racing itself. I didn’t fair as well as I had hoped too…but the fun made it well worth it!  When I got off the bike I continued running around, this time with a camera in hand.  Below are a few shots from the race.

Guell Bicycle team member Toshio-san

Toshio-san flying up the steps

Ready to start!

I love running up steps! (photo by Michael)

Me going into the turn (photo by Kahori-san)

Some ran up...while others rode

The best part was the "U " section on a small hill

2015 Cyclocross Japan National Championship Yu Takenouchi

Jean shorts RULE

The Wheelman doth cometh

Yu Takenouchi

Mikey's dogs getting tons of love from team Panasonic

Corner bikes....so, so nice!

Equally as nice...Shin bicycles

A big cheers to team Guell Bicycle!  Great job Toshio-san and Yousuke-san!  Also cheers to Toshio-san and his wife for the warmth of their van and to Michael for the ride home!


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