Early morning ride to Hokki-ji

This past Sunday I woke up bright and early in order to sneak in a quick ride before I went off to Osaka for the day. I did my normal loop around the Yamato Koriyama area…but then decided to venture over to Hokki-ji and explore a bit.

Hokki-ji is a is a Buddhist temple in Okamoto, Ikaruga, Nara Prefecture, roughly 12km from Nara city. The temple began in the year 638 and still has one original building intact. That structure is a 24m high pagoda which is the oldest of its kind in Japan. The site is listed as a National Treasure and is definitely worth checking out, especially since Hōryū-ji Temple is located nearby. 

As usual... I can't wait to go back soon and explore more!

 I love finding new roads like this!

Some new rubber to test out


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