Afternoon Ride through Kashiwara to Shigisan

As the end of summer is upon us, we have been fortunate recently in Nara to have some very good (although a bit hot) weather. This last weekend, especially Saturday, was just perfect for being outdoors. Having some time on my hands of course I decided to take advantage of it and do some cycling.

Not having a plan or knowing yet where I wanted to go, I suddenly remembered a road that I had seen during my commute home one day from Osaka via Kashiwara.  After checking Google Maps a bit I decided to ride over to Kashiwara and then make a loop to Shigisan in western Nara.  I have never been to that area, but after going there this weekend, I will definitely be back to explore more!  

Along the road by Hōrin-ji

Hōrin-ji Temple

Parked outside Hokki-ji Temple

Resting after a bit of climbing in Kashiwara

 Time to climb again

The view of Nara from the "west side" along route 183 was simply amazing

The bridge at Daimon Dam in Shigisan

The view coming down into Oji from Shigisan

Made a rest stop at Hōryū-ji, home of the world's oldest wooden building

The route ( a mix of local roads and cycle paths)


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