Rainy day cycling in Nara

I was a bit tired of staying indoors this past weekend so I decided to venture out in the rain, camera in hand, to get some shots of Nara. Luckily, the rain stopped the minute I walked out the door. This was odd as usually it is exactly the opposite.  Regardless, I somehow prefer Nara in the wet as the scenery and overall atmosphere becomes a bit more dramatic.  Since this was a pre-typhoon day, I knew the break in the rain wouldn't last anyhow.

Not feeling like venturing too far, I decided to first head to Nara park, with a stop by the Nara Prefectural Office. If you go to the top floor there, you can get a nice view of Nara, including Todaiji and Kofukuji.  I highly recommend to do this as it is free, and the view is well worth it. After that I rode out by Shorakuji, just south of Nara city, to get some fresh countryside air and scenery.  One of the few times I actually enjoyed a Monday!

One of my favorites spots to see the deer run and play (and graze of course)

 A Nara park ride is not complete without a stop by Todaiji

 Or even better, a view of Todaiji from the Nara Prefectural Office

Kofukuji...and beyond

Still green...but not for long

until next week.......


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