A Gaijin send off at the Apa Apa Cafe

The time once again comes that we must say goodbye to one of our fellow “gaijin” friends. This past weekend we had a small send off for southern Nara’s most legendary gaijin, a man named Pete (a.k.a Bubba). To keep the crowd size to a minimum we decided to not make a formal announcement, but instead, just have a small gathering amongst friends. KCDC set up a plan to hang out at Sarusawa pond first, take in a bit of sunset and conbini refreshment, and then head on over to the Apa Apa Café for a bite to eat.

The Apa Apa Café is a nice, cozy little café tucked away on the second floor of a small building in the Tsubaichō district of Nara City. They serve a range of food such as Bagel sandwiches, pasta, pizza, cakes, etc.. as well as coffee, tea and even beer and other alcohol based drinks. Oh yeah….and their french fries (“chips”) are excellent!

I have only been there a few times, but always enjoy it there as the atmosphere and vibe is simply relaxing. If you are in Nara and looking for a nice place to chill, you definitely might want to try there. If you do choose to visit… be sure to go to the side of the building to the spiral staircase to enter.

Hanging out with the Nara crew at Sarusawa pond

The side entrance, a spiral staircase

I opted for the Salmon Cream Cheese Bagel

Pete (a.k.a Bubba)


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