A Morning of Cycling in Asuka

One of my favorite areas for cycling in Nara is Asuka.  Asuka is roughly 30km south of Nara city, and is known for “The Asuka Period” from 538 to 710 AD when the Emperor of Japan ruled from this area. Fast forward to now and one thing is for sure, Asuka definitely still “rules”. The mixture of ancient history, gorgeous landscapes, historical sites and quiet, well kept roads and bicycle paths make it a great place for any type of cyclist.  I have ridden there several times before and happened to have my camera along the other day so I thought I would take a few shots.  In the future I plan to post more from some of the sites in this area as there is much to see. 

Lunch from a local market


  1. I have cycled to Asuka a few times and it is a great ride culminating in some great sights. Great images here. Can I subscribe to your blog?


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