Rapha Rides Osaka / The 20 Bridge Ride

This past weekend the Rapha Rides event took place in Osaka. I had only become aware of it recently via a shared video post from a friend on FB. Right about the time I was debating to myself whether to go or not, I got a message from KCDC asking if I was interested in the “Bridge Ride” on Saturday.  OK, why not… I had always wanted to join one of the Rapha Osaka rides anyhow, and since this was late in the day I wouldn’t need to get up too early.

Fast forward to Saturday, and we are off to Osaka. The ride we chose was called the “Osaka 20 Bridge Ride” which would take us on a tour of many of Osaka’s bridges and unique waterways. While visiting certain bridges along the 30km route, we stopped and were told about its history , along with local insight into the area. I ride around Osaka often, but mostly on the east side, so it was nice to not only explore new roads, but to actually learn a bit more about the city itself.

Unfortunately, almost half way into the ride, KCDC’s cold was getting much, worse so we decided to leave early and head back to Nara. The ride was definitely fun though, and I hope in the future that they will have more rides like that. Cheers to Rapha Osaka for a fun and well organized event!


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