Nakagawa Racing Club + Yu Takenouchi

Taking full advantage of my one day weekend this last Sunday, I decided to head out on a group ride to Wazuka to do a bit of climbing. Being extremely hungry towards the end of our ride, we decided to stop by a "combini" that is sort of a popular stopping point for cyclist's who are riding through the Wazuka area. 

Whilst standing outside finishing my onigiri, a large group of cyclist's in pink jersey's riding pink steel framed road bikes pulled up. Seeing the pink color I instantly knew who it was, the Nakagawa Racing Club. This is the club team for the Osaka based frame builder Nakagawa. Being a fan of Nakagawa bikes, I was definitely excited to see so many in one spot.

As I stood around talking with members from the team we suddenly had another suprise when pro cyclocross rider Yu Takenouchi , of the Veranclassic-Dolctini cycling team stopped by. 

Yu Takenouchi

Toyo X Graphite....a sweet ride indeed 


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