Saturday morning ride to Yagyū and Nunome Dam

Having been out of Japan on business for over a week, I was definitely ready to get back in the saddle.  Seeing a post from a local cycling group here in Nara, I decided to join up and head out for a morning ride.  With some severe jet-lag just starting to kick in, I was fortunate that we started off a bit later in the morning.  

The goal for the day was to ride to the Yagyū area of Nara and then stop by Nunome Dam. I was pretty excited as this was new territory for me. There are many damns in Japan, especially in Nara, and the views from there are usually spectacular.  

Morning meetup and route planning

Taking a short cut along rice fields

One big plus about cycling in Japan, there is no shortage of roadside vending machines!

and roadside maps as well

More climbs ahead

Selfie attempt

 old bus rusting along the side of the road

A beautiful narrow stretch of road with no cars the whole way

River along the side of the road

almost in Yagyū

Arrived in Yagyū

Plastic Shika

Vending machine time

almost there

Roadside view of Nunome Dam

Nunome Dam Pano

The only other people we spotted here were cyclists

View from the bridge area at the top

After a long ride and eating only a little for breakfast, we were starving. Usually there are convenience stores everywhere, but since this area was very rural, even vending machines were somewhat scarce. Fortunately we happened along a place that sold "sticky rice" and fresh vegetables.  Definitely much better then 7-11!

The owner was very friendly ,explaining the area and going out of her way to give us a map

Inside the store

My lunch, onigiri and tsukemono which only cost  ¥200! 

There was even a table to eat at

With a great countryside view

Time to head home


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