Cyclocross at Kurondo Pond

This past Saturday Kansai Cyclocross held a two day event at Kurondo pond in Ikoma, Nara prefecture.  As one of our good friends Toshio-san had entered in the race, we decided to tag along and go cheer him on. It was his first cyclocross event, so there was no way we were going to miss it.

Toshio-san's bike all prepped and ready to go

Great weather still on the ride from Nara city to Ikoma

The support team getting ready during the last moments of dryness

As it began to rain we arrived at the main area of Kurondo Pond

 The swan and whale boats were already there, awaiting our arrival.

Toshio-san has received his number...he is number one!!!

 Off to watch a bit of practice

Then it was time for lunch. I opted for the "mountain vegetable" Udon.

 Then the rain came a big way.

As it poured,the riders waited to get lined up

At the starting line getting ready

 and the course got muddier..


and muddier....

Great job Toshio-san!  Another score for Team Guell!!!

In all it was an exciting day, especially with the rainy, cold and foggy weather!  Also a great experience trying to photograph moving things in the pouring rain with my manual focus lens. A big cheers to Toshio-san for bringing us along. I can't wait until next time!  Maybe then one of us will race with you!


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