Oden time at Sakesho Kura

As winter has now set in here in Nara, I have recently found myself craving for the traditional Japanese winter dish Oden (おでん).  If you are not familiar with this, it's a dish that consists of a variety of things such as fishcakes, daikon, konjac, tofu, etc.. all boiled and simmered in a soy flavored broth. After hearing about, and walking past a place called Sakesho Kura several times, I decided to finally go and check it out.

A walk through the back streets around Naramachi to get there.

The outside of Sakesho Kura

The oden in looks good

 Draft beer always goes well with oden!

As there are plenty of other things on the menu I opted for some beef Kushikatsu.

Finished the meal off with some local Nara sake.

Very friendly staff.

Overall the food and atmosphere was really good. The staff is friendly and since my Kanji isn't too good I was happy to see they even have an English menu.   I will definitely be back here.  

  1. 酒処 蔵 (Sakesho Kura)

  1. Address:  〒630-8371 奈良県奈良市光明院町16
    Phone:    0742-22-8771


  1. I loved this place always think about it after went back to Australia, the friendly staffs, foods especially oden, the entire atmosphere of Kura izakaya, definitely go back next time.


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