Seafood in Nara / Robata Uogen

After work last night I decided to stop by one of my favorite seafood robata's in Nara, Robata Uogen.  It is located slightly west of Yamato-Saidaiji station in the Saidaiji district of Nara and is roughly only a 2 minute walk from the station.  The place is often very busy as it is a local favorite for fresh seafood.  Inside it is very small and cozy with almost a "seafood market" kind of atmosphere to it.  The owner and staff are very friendly and helpful, and there is an English menu available as well.

The owner hard at work

Fish prints lined the walls of the restaurant

 Tekkadon (tuna sashima on top of rice)


Inside was like a fish market, fresh seafood was everywhere

 Fresh octopus with citrus sauce

Mixed vegatable tempura

Sweet mochi with stawberry 

  1. 炉ばた 魚源 (Robata Uogen)

  1. Address:  〒631-0816 奈良県奈良市西大寺本町2-24
    Phone:    0742-33-7851


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