A brief stop at Kurokamiyamainari Shrine in Nara

This last Saturday I met up with KCDC to do a short afternoon ride along the Nara bike trail. I had been on most of this trail before except for a small adjacent trail (climb actually) which was a shortcut to get to the main trail.  As we reached the top one of the first things we saw was a small shrine. If you live here ,or have been to Japan before, you probably already know that shrines are everywhere, especially in Nara and Kyoto prefectures.  Regardless of how many I have seen, I am always intrigued to stop, enter, and have a look around.  This time was no exception, especially after seeing the numerous red torii at the entrance.  The shrine is known as "the black hair" shrine and is rumored to be located at the grave of Miyako Fujiwara who is famously know as the mother of Emperor Shōmu.  

KCDC...trail blazin


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