Burger time in Nara at Sakura Burger

Having had a strong craving for a hamburger this past weekend, I decided to take a ride over to Sakura Burger. It is located in Kitamachi directly opposite of Kintetsu Nara station in Nara city. Sakura Burger is one of the best places (possibly the only place) to go for a burger in Nara city. They are mainly known for their burgers however they do have other things on the menu such as hot sandwiches and hot dogs. Their most popular burger,the "Sakura" burger , is a handmade burger patty with homemade bacon on top. 

 Outside Sakura burger

 A fine assortment of import bottled beers is available

My choice for lunch...the Sakura burger

  1. Sakura Burger

  1. Address:  奈良県奈良市東向北町6
    Phone:    0742-31-3813


  1. T's Star Diner in Takatsuki-shi, Osaka. Best burgers in Japan. Plus the 50s vibe in that place is crazy awesome.

    I used to make the trek about once a month to chill with the wait staff and get a burger. Good memories.

  2. You should get a burger in Fondulac Japan someday says cousin Steve !


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