2015 -16 Kansai Cyclocross / #10 in Sakai

This past weekend  the Kansai CX season came one step closer to a close with #10 (of 11) taking place at Minato Sakai Green Square. The venue is next to the ocean, and compared to some of the other courses, extremely flat.  As a result it would be a day of some very fast paced and exciting racing to say the least, especially with the large amount of entries. Having finally figured out the online entry system a few weeks before (I had been entering via mail before) I decided to enter this race as it is fairly close to Nara.  Needless to say despite a few mishaps, the race was a blast!  I was fortunate enough this time to start in the early group so I was able to finish, grab my camera, and then run around to shoot a few photos. As always, the day went way too fast and I am already looking forward to the season final in Kyoto!

StreetViper killin it

Toshio-san having a great ride

Flying high again

Yoko Hako charging through the sand with her Toyo frame bike


and the award for best bunny hop goes to...

Hama Time!

Smiling despite the fall...awesome!  

Despite the sand though...everyone fought through it

Mr. Kinkicycle spotted on the FiN Mudman

A sweet pair of Nakagawa bikes

and even a green Nakagawa as well!

Find of the day..a 3 Rensho CX bike.  WANT

Ah yes...the evil tiller..just when you thought the course was smooth

Was happy to meet new faces such as Kim from Fulton racing (team All-City)

8th place for Toshio-san brought out a smile in the end

Me in the sandbox. Cheers to Kinkicycle for the pic!


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