2015 Kansai Cyclocross / X-Mas Cross at Kurondo Pond

A few days before Christmas we were fortunate enough to get a round of the Kansai Cyclocross series right here in Nara at Kurondo Pond in Ikoma.  I had wanted so much to ride in this event as it was held nearby , but unfortunately the entries filled up too fast so I missed out.  Regardless, I made sure not to miss out on the fun!  As this year’s event was so close to Christmas, it was entitled X-Mas Cross.  The day definately did not dissapoint as the combination of a very technical track, rain, and “CXosplay” made it a blast to watch!

Miku made an appearance

CXosplay was in full force

Spotted Freddie Mercury


Kaonashi in full character mode

Always happy to see Oden on a cold day!

Couldn't resist checking out Toyo Frame!


KCDC wishing that ride was his!

The Nara Crew

A big cheers to Mikey for the ride!


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