Hydrangea at Yata-dera Temple

Rain…rain….go away…. is pretty much what I have been saying everyday for the past week.  June is the rainy season here in Japan, and although it normally doesn’t rain much in Nara, this year has been just a bit different.  Of course, on weekends it rains for sure and this past weekend was no exception. As I was tired of sitting inside I decided to head out anyhow and ride over to Yata-dera Temple.  

I have posted about this place before, but that was in early March of last year.  Why is June different?  Well, one of the main things that Yata-dera Temple is famous for is the Hydrangea, also known as “Ajisai” in Japanese.  There are over 10,000 plants with 60 different species of Hydrangea there.  June is the main month for viewing them, and since the last time I was there everything was still brown I didn’t want to miss out this time.

Newly planted rice fields along the way

Hydrangea can be seen everywhere, even along the road

Found a parking spot

Main hall at Yata-dera

Bell Tower at Yata-dera


time to ride...


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