An Afternoon visit to Omiwa Shrine in Sakurai

Omiwa Shrine (which is also known as Miwa shrine) is located just south of Nara city in the city of Sakurai. The shrine is very unique as it doesn’t contain a deity or any sacred objects inside, but rather it is said that the very mountain it sits on (Mount Miwa) is sacred.  

I have passed through there before on my bike while riding to Asuka, but never visited the shrine. As a result I decided finally to take the train down and spend an afternoon there to see what I have been missing. Of course….I brought my camera along!

The "local" train

Omiyage shops selling Miwa Somen..are everywhere

Sake bottles with the Borromean ring motif

small fresh produce market

food vendors setting up along the path to the shrine

Torii gate at the entrance

Main Hall at Miwa Shrine

Mount Miwa

view of the massive Torii gate in Sakurai

small restaurant along the path...tempting, but.....

We opted for here instead, and I am glad we did!

The Miwa Sōmen lunch I ate was ...SO GOOD!

and even better the tea was served in real Nara Akahada Pottery!

Time to leave


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