Funchana Cafe in Sangō

A few weekends ago I texted “lord Chimon of the Daiji” to see if he was up for some morning riding along one of my commute routes. As luck would have it he was, and after meeting up we were on our way. Heading out quickly and early in the morning meant one thing… a NEED for coffee, and a bit of breakfast as well.  Already deep into the ride the thought of coffee kept getting bigger, and having ridden this route several times I knew there was nothing along the way, except possibly a few “combini’s”.

As we rolled into Sangō, located just outside of Osaka in Nara prefecture, Mr. Chimon spotted something and quickly yelled…stop!  I simply brushed it of as another hair salon at first, since somehow in Japan there seem to be a ton of Hair salons that have a distinct café vibe to them.  Anyhow, fortunately it was a real café, with not just pour over, but real espresso drinks as well. 

The place we stumbled upon is named Café Funchana.  It was launched by DESIGN SETTA SANGO Co., Ltd. and is a mixture of a café as well as a place to showcase the local designed and handmade “Setta” sandals. The atmosphere there is very nice and relaxing with good music and a nice collection of magazines.  They serve a variety of food such as sandwiches and pasta as well as cake, muffins and other sweets.  Most important though, they serve coffee…..and good coffee I might add!  So if you are cycling (or passing) through Sangō, be sure to stop by!


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