Guell Bicycle in Nara

Before heading out on a ride last weekend I stopped in at Guell to pick up a few things and say hello to the staff there. Guell Bicycle has a few shops throughout the Kansai area, with one of their shops located right here in Nara. They specialize in a wide range of bikes such as BMX, road, cross, mini-velo, etc.  As there are only a handful of (non Mama-chari) bike shops here in Nara city, I was very happy to find them right after I had first moved here. Through the years I have participated in several shop sponsored events and rides, including cycle racing at Suzuka F1 circuit and riding as a CX support rider. Always great fun together with the friendly staff from there. If you are in the area….be sure to stop by and visit! 

Store Manager Susumu-san


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