Starting out 2018 at Wakakusayama

 First off, I would like to say Happy New Year and I wish you all the best through the coming year!

Yesterday I decided to ring in the New Year with a ride up Mount Wakakusa. Having recently gone on vacation overseas, I was still very much struggling with jet lag so I figured some good fresh winter morning air might do the trick. I had hoped to ride the entire trail however, a small section of the Kasugayama part is being repaired therefore I could only ride part of it.

After cycling to the top and back I headed home only to find text messages from local Tomio legend Larry  saying he was in town and asking if I was still out. Tempted to do a second round of “the Kusa” I decided to meet up and ride up one more time. One simply can never get enough of Wakakusayama …. especially on a bike!

I'm definitely looking forward to more riding and exploring Nara in 2018!


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