A day in Yoshino

Having had a day off last week, I decided to take a short trip to Yoshino, in Nara prefecture. This area is a beautiful mountainous area located roughly in the center of Nara prefecture. I didn't have a bike with me this time, but I will definitely be back here to do some riding!

the train to Yoshino

finally arrived

 Yoshino Station

 Cable car to the top of Mt. Yoshino (built in the early Showa period)

 View from inside the cable car

 for lunch..... Kakinoha-zushi (sushi wrapped in persimmon leaf)

One of the main reasons for going to Yoshino was to visit Kimpusen-ji to see the three Zaō-gongen statues in the Zaōdō (Zao-hall).  As photos are not allowed inside, I only have shots of the hall itself. Even the Zaōdō is very impressive as it is the second largest wooden structure in Japan after Tōdai-ji (also located in Nara).

 Kimpusen-ji temple

 I will be back here in spring. There are over 1000 sakura trees on that mountain!

and for a nice end to the day.....Chiffon cake made from Tofu


  1. You DID have a wonderful day in Yoshino. I remember going there as well on a weekday and it was so peaceful.


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