Suzuka 8h Enduro

Last Saturday I again had the opportunity to join the Guell crew to race at the famous Suzuka Circuit, mostly known for hosting the famous Suzuka F1 race.  The cycling event we attended was the Suzuka 8-hour Enduro which is held bi-annually at the track. As the track is located Mie prefecture, we had to leave at 4:00am in order to arrive on time. Normally I don't enjoy waking up at 2:30am, for anything, but this event is most definitely worth it!!

Sunrise arrival at Suzuka Circuit

The walk to the track

This year our pit area was on 3rd floor with a great view of the track!

People set up in the main pit area

Awaiting the start of the race

and they're off!

Team Guell waiting to change riders

Go Toshio-san!!!!

me climbing the main straight

Minehito-san doing some stretches before another blindingly fast set of laps

The view from our pit area

Team Zozonga

With over 600 teams at the event, there was obviously an insane amount of bikes around. 

One very cool Fat tired ride

Lovin this old Miyata

Recognize the face?

Some nice details on this Vigore

Brompton club parked in the pit lane

Brompton Girl

There were also a ton of vendors as well. Glad I left my credit card at home!! 

Costumes and characters were everywhere at the race, both on and off the track.

Overall it was a great day and a lot of fun had by all.  The training our team did paid off as we placed 41st out of over 600 teams.  Great job guys!  Again, much thanks to the Guell crew for everything. I can't wait until next year!


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