Kansai Cyclocross in Kyoto

This past Sunday was Round 10 of the Kansai Cyclocross series. It was to be the last race of the season and was held at the Katsura River Parkland in Kyoto. As a few of my friends were entered in the event, I decided to grab my camera and go along to snap some photos. The day would turn out to be a lot of fun. I will definitely be back next year, and not just as a spectator! 

As we arrived in Kyoto it started to snow again

Walking the course before the race

Getting warmed up

Toyo frame was there showing some bikes

Cool paint job by Swamp Things

Toshio-sans bike...waiting to race

Team BUBBA!!

Pete...mentally preparing for his first CX event

A bit of BucyoBucyo coffee before the race start

Toshio-san focused on the start

A bit crowded early on

Go Toshio-san!!!

Pete anxious to get rolling

He is off!!!  GO PETE!

Was cool to see this mini-velo flying around...until the mud slowed things down

Definitely no shortage of mud!


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