Nara Organic Market

Last weekend I took a ride with KCDC on over to the Nara Organic Market. The market is held on the last Sunday of every month at the JR Nara station square directly in front of  Nara JR station. There are several vendors on hand selling a variety of things such as local grown organic vegetables, tea, rice, fresh made bread and numerous other products.

 Parked in front of the old station

 Plenty of local grown vegetables available

Carrot vendor

While we were walking around we met a woman who explained to us the seed exchange program. The seeds are handed out free to those interested in growing their own (organic only) vegetables. Once the plants are grown, one should bring back some seeds from the plants they planted, thus completing the "exchange" and allowing others to grow. 

 Sign for the seed exchange

Seed exchange booth

local grown tea

 Oil made from soybeans

 Mushrooms, tea, and various other things...

Fresh made bagels

 Nakayama Coffee from Kamo was there as well!

The market is located directly in front of JR Nara station


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