Shigaraki Sunday

It’s been awhile since I hooked up with the Nara / Kizugawa cycling crew for a group ride, so when I saw someone post about an upcoming ride a few weeks ago, I made sure to respond saying simply.. “I’m in”.  Originally there were only a few replies so I assumed that the group would be relatively small.  When we all met up last Sunday morning however, I was pleasantly surprised to see such a large turnout of familiar as well as new faces (eleven people in total) all ready to enjoy the beautiful autumn weather.  After a bit of mechanical difficulty at the beginning, we finally got on our way to enjoying a ride through the Wazuka and Shigaraki areas located just north of Nara.  This area is known as tea country, and no matter how many times I ride through it, I never get tired of it as the views are simply breathtaking (as are some of the climbs). Needless to say the ride was tons of fun. Can't wait until next time!  

 The essential pre-ride Konbini stop

 Bike parking only

Mechanical dopers

The climbing starts

The smile says everything

 Deep in the heart of tea country

Break time

 Back at it

Tea fields as far as the eye can see.

 Another essential Konbini stop

A regular site next to the Konbini a stand selling homemade snacks (a favorite with many cyclists)

Ready to ride again....

This area is so metal

Fixing my first flat (out of two) for the day

Lunch break at a small cafe


Everyone's choice for lunch?? TONKATSU!!!

Brief post lunch stop at a farm...for ice cream


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