2016 Kansai Cyclocross at "Biwako Miami Land"

Round six of Kansai Cyclocross was held this past Sunday in Miami land at Lake Biwako in Shiga. The name “Miami land” evokes images of art deco buildings, long glamorous sandy beaches, bikinis, supercars…and above all “Sonny and Rico”…right?  Well, the “long and sandy” beach part is spot on as any CX racer who has ridden there before can attest to.  I started my first CX race there previously, and it was definitely an eye opener to say the least. Regardless, I was hooked and decided to try some more.  Unfortunately a bum knee has kept me out of this year’s CX races, but that didn’t stop me from going as I hooked up with KCDC and Michael to get a ride over to Shiga to watch and shoot a few photos. Needless to say it was a great day of meeting up with old and new friends as well as taking in all the great action. Already can’t wait until next time!

One nice Mudman

Yoko Hako team rider for Toyo Frame

Coffee stand

Toshio-san ready to Fight!

That sand....oh that sand....

The calm before the storm

Team Kinfolk 

 Aerofog between the trees

junya223 carrying his awesome Salsa through the deep sand

Epic battle between Andy and Takemoto-san for first place

Nigel in the woods


 Congratulations to Andy on his first place win!

Congratulations to Takemoto-san on a hard fought second place finish!

Ok...whatever, time for a Toilet break

Once sweet Independent Fab 

My home state represented here with Takemoto-san's Milwaukee Bicycle CX bike

 Start and finish check

Chiyo-chan soaking up the love

Kyauchan from Nara

The Kyoto crew, Nigel and Joshua in post race mode

Pile up on the start

Toshio-san ready to pass on the sand

Yoko Hako making CX look fun!

 Masahiro-san for Team All-City Cycles on his SSCX bike conquering the full sand beach

Dave Hama...flying high again

Warming up and keeping score

One very nice Toyo T Carbon CX bike

and yet another sweet Toyo CX bike....

Race is over..time to relax


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