Night Ride up Wakakusayama

A few weeks back there was news of the coming "Super Moon" which was to be the closest one since January 26, 1948.  The original plan was to ride up to the top of Mount Wakakusa to check it out.  Well, of rained that day which made going up pointless. Since the next few nights afterwards were clear, KCDC sent me a message to see if I was still up for a night ride to the top. Well, I rarely pass up a ride on "the Kusa", so off we went. As always it was a blast, broken chains and all.

KCDC starting things off right with a broken chain.

My first time ever to use a flash on my Fuji camera. The absence of any light made it a bit necessary. 

Miner turned cyclist

Chain check halfway up

Part of my personal rewards program.

Day or night the view at the top of Wakakusayama rules.


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