Kasugayama Primeval Forest trail on my Monk Bicycle

It has already been since last September that I purchased my Monk Bicycle frame and had it shipped from Germany to Japan. Although the frame arrived quickly, I had intended to spend the coming weeks gathering up parts and then build it up as an autumn project.  Well… the weeks then turned to months and next thing you know it’s spring already. Part of the delay was due to parts that I had ordered from overseas that took time to arrive. Once everything did finally come it was a matter of finding a good day to spend time to build up. That day finally came last week as it was a national holiday here in Japan, and also a rainy day.

Along with waiting to build, I have also been waiting to ride up the Kasugayama Primeval Forest trail. A strong typhoon last autumn had damaged part of the trail, leaving a section of it under maintenance until March. As a result I haven't ridden any of the trail the past few months, with the idea in mind that my next ride up it would be on the Monk after it was built. Fast forward to this past Sunday and that day finally came. I will just say this…. it was well worth the wait.  I really love this bike and am definitely looking forward to doing some longer rides on it.  For more info on Monk Bicycle frames you can find them at https://www.monkbicycle.com/ 


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