Yamatogoyōtatsu Café in Imaichō

About two weekends ago I hopped on my bike and rode down to Asuka and back as the weather was extremely nice out. Aside from a conbini stop or two, I hadn’t really eaten much throughout the day, so needless to say I was starving. As I rolled through the little town of Imaichō I decided to stop and see if there was anything to eat.  Imaichō town is known for its well kept Edo period homes, and there are a few small cafes and restaurants scattered throughout the area.

Not wanting to search for ever I stopped pretty much at the first sign I saw ”つけもの or tsukemono literally meaning “pickled things”. The traditional style café named Yamatogoyōtatsu looked very intriguing so I decided to go in and give it a try since I’m a big fan of tsukemono anyhow. 

As the place is a cafe, the menu is very basic and only had about three set meals to choose from. I chose the "Yamato Tsukemono Rice Bowl set", and sure am glad I did as it was delicious!  Not only was the food good but the owner was very friendly as well. I will definitely be back there!

The cafe specializes in local Nara made tsukemono and even ships nationwide!

This was the set I chose. The main dish was tsukemono and sashimi on top of rice. The price was around ¥800 and worth every bite of it. Very delicious

Yamatogoyōtatsu Café in Imaichō


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